The Encouraging Thunder Award #1

Hola people! Been literally ages since I've accepted awards or even posted articles, I've been caught up with so many things that continuing to blog became almost too impossible, I'm sure Law students can relate, so without further a due, I'm quickly going to thank a fairly new blogger who shares similar interests with that... Continue Reading →

Need For Change.

Apologies first, since I haven't posted in a rather long time. secondly again the topic which I'm today going to write on might incite mixed views from each one of you'll but at the same time I hope it's an understood fact that these are my own personal views and do not aim to hurt... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award #2

Firstly thanks so very much Saadiahaq (The Human Lens) for nominating me for this wonderful award, her blog site is a must visit and I totally appreciate her women power as well as her powerful thoughts, now I'm really sorry since I've stated so many facts about myself in the previous awards that it's going to... Continue Reading →

An Unfinished Battle..

HUMAN TRAFFICKING.. the second most organized crime in the entire world after trade of drugs and arms. Imagine someone deciding your value and selling you off to someone whose totally unknown to you, to a unknown place, somewhere where you're forced into something you never dreamt of in your wildest nightmares, imagine landing up there... Continue Reading →

Very Inspiring Blog #2!

Shower of awards! This is all so astonishing, when I first started this blog, I'd no damn clue that I'll reach this far and get so much of love and recognition worldwide. This is something simply an amazing experience. Thanks so very much everybody. Thoroughly appreciate. Special thanks to the one who has nominated me... Continue Reading →

Very Inspiring Blog Award #1.

I've been nominated for this award Maisstrauss. I thank her for this immensely, here's the link to her blog, Do pay it a visit, I promise it's going to be worth it. So here are the rules for the award : 1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award #1

It's been an extremely good end to the year, have been receiving awards back to back and of-course this makes me feel so good about my talent as well as research being recognized. Being nominated for this award meant way too much since I wanted this title so bad. :p So anyway, coming back to... Continue Reading →

Like Every Coin Has Two Sides..

Mumbai, 27th December, 2014:       Note: By writing the following blog post neither am I being biased towards anyone, nor am I on a mission to support men in their wrong doings. I’m just here to inform the others about the trending issue of cruelty that is being committed towards men in the society these... Continue Reading →

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