The Encouraging Thunder Award #1

encouraging-thunder-awardHola people!

Been literally ages since I’ve accepted awards or even posted articles, I’ve been caught up with so many things that continuing to blog became almost too impossible, I’m sure Law students can relate, so without further a due, I’m quickly going to thank a fairly new blogger who shares similar interests with that of mine, yes, she too is a Law student and aims to be a fine Lawyer someday, which I’m sure she shall accomplish. Further, I’m only accepting this award which my fellow blogger has given me since she’s new and is also a Law student. I’m so very sorry for not accepting the awards which some of you’ll have honored me with, but since you’ll understand that life for a Law student does not come easy, I have not been able to accept the other awards. Sorry again.!

Thank you so very much Gursimran Kaur for such a wonderful award, I wish you all the very very best for your future endeavors and I hope you achieve what you are aspiring for.!

So coming back, here are the rules for accepting the following award : –

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2.  Include the awards logo..
  3. List the reason(s) you started blogging.

err, here I’m making a few alterations in the rules and not nominating anyone, since I have not been able to connect to WordPress since a lot of months, hence I’m not aware of the deserving bloggers,

so I shall just accept the award, and state the reason for me to start blogging.

I started blogging last year, somewhere around November, and I must say it has changed my life for the better. I was keen on writing and expressing my thoughts on India’s social issues, it’s system, it’s working, the Judiciary and so on. I was at that point of time studying for Public Relations, and my professor, Vikram Kharvi, once suggested to me saying, “Hardi, if you’re so keen on voicing your opinion and want it to reach the masses as a whole, the best method is to maintain a blog..”

The next day I started researching as to how it all works, and then there was no looking back. I started to blog about my opinions, Laws which in my opinion should be amended, started spreading awareness about things that people do come across in their daily life but do not pay heed to, and I must admit, the appreciation I get, the love I get from all the bloggers makes me continue to post blog posts every now and then even in this extremely busy schedule.

That’s pretty much why and how I started to blog, and soon I’m going to start posting again.

Visit back,

Thanks and happy blogging peers. 🙂


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    Congratulations on the award !

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  3. Congrats! Hope to see you more often… 🙂


    1. Thank you so much.!
      Hoping the same from your side too.

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